HSPA Policies

Payment & Enrolment Policy

  • Charges are per term, not per week. There are no refunds for students missing lessons due to other activities or illness.

  • By enrolling with HSPA you enrol for the calendar year, until such time as you withdraw from the class. You will continue to be invoiced each term until you withdraw from class via email. You are liable to pay the term fee if you do not withdraw from a class before the term begins.

  • In your first week of class you can notify us if it is not for you, we will then adjust your account to just charge for that first lesson. Beyond the first week of term, students will be expected to pay for the term.

  • An $8 administration fee is added to your account if payments are not made by the due date.

  • Students may not continue in class if they have not paid the previous term's fees.

  • All bad debts passed on to Baycorp will be liable for the collection costs incurred, after all reasonable notifications have been sent.


  • Students may be photographed or filmed in class or performance. These images may be used for promotional purposes in local publications, on our website and on our Facebook page. They may also be shared within the school community on noticeboards, via email and in our closed Facebook group.

  • HSPA and it's tutors are not liable for injury to students during their performing arts lessons. These are by nature, physical classes, students may come into contact with each other and the tutor during the course of the class. Staff will take all reasonable care to ensure safe practice as set out in our H&S plan, and offer basic First Aid care as needed.

2023 Fees

This year fee increases come to between 80c-$2 per week to match inflation.

Fees are listed at per week rate exclusive of GST, payable on a term account. Term lengths vary.

Costs reflect the number of students in the lesson, qualifications of the tutor and the options available in the class.

  • Glee or Musical Theatre Groups- Junior $12, Intermediate $13.25, Senior $14.20

  • Dance - Junior $13.25, Upper Juniors $13.45, Intermediate $13.80, Senior $14.95, Adv Senior $16.55

  • Preschool/New Entrant Drama & Music – $14.95

  • Drama - Junior/Upper Junior $18.15, Intermediate $19.15, Senior $20.85, Advanced Senior $24.90

  • Private Lessons - $32.10 per half hour. ($19.25 per person for pairs half hour private) $46 per 45min.

Please add GST to these costs


  • Double Deal - 10% discount off total fees for taking 2 classes per student.

  • Triple Threat - 15% discount off total fees for taking 3 or more classes per student

Production costs

A $18 costume fee is payable for all students participating in an HSPA production.

Exams & Exam classes

    • These come at an extra cost set by the examining bodies (Trinity College, NZAMD & DNZM) each year.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Students entered for exams will be required to attend exam prep classes at an extra cost.

Please find our handbook below

HSPA handbook.pdf