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Welcome to Term Four everybody!

Welcome to our new students and welcome back to all those returning.

We look forward to a lovely summer term of lessons, examinations for some students, and our first ever ‘Premiere Screening event’ for a show. Our focus returns to skills building and personal growth. It is time to work on our own abilities and grow as performers and communicators.

Please check your portal to be sure you have all the times right for your classes this term as last term we did have some adjusted lesson times to play catch up from Lockdown.

We hope you enjoy your classes and all the things they offer you this term!

Congratulations Cast & Crew of The Secret Garden.

And what a relief it was, to actually get to film the production in it’s entirety😊

The crew put in long hours over three intensive days at the theatre, working with group after group of youngsters who all strutted their stuff amazingly for the camera crew!

It was the first time in 25 years that we have had to do this, so I must admit I was pretty nervous about how it would all work. But I needn’t have been!

Well done to everyone involved. The show was a credit to your teamwork and confidence along with your talent. Some truly outstanding performances there from our younger students, we can’t wait to see them on the big screen! You have made us very proud!

The Secret Garden Premiere Screening Event

We will be hosting several separate screenings of the show on November 7th across the day. There will be a time to suit all ages. Each screening includes the opportunity to walk the red carpet, hear a few words from us as well as a couple of special solo performances, then enjoy the show on the big screen. All performers will also get a presentation made to them at the event.

We have made the tickets available on the portal here: https://app.thestudiodirector.com/hartleyschoolofperform/portalstore.sd Just choose the time that suits.

Please purchase your tickets online and follow the whole process through to the end, selecting the payment option to have the amount added to your account (The only option visible) otherwise the purchase is not complete. Tickets are limited so we want all families to get to be part of this event.

Check out how much fun these guys had filming their show with Director Caitlin Constable!!

You can access photos of the day here thanks go to the amazing Evelyn Stuart for taking them on the day! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rSs3NAhJVEd_iBYDAOVTyjX7UqOEzs4Y?usp=sharing

Costume Returns.

Please return you costume, cleaned (Or spot cleaned as needed) to your first lesson next term and give it to your class tutor. If you are not returning to lessons next term, please deliver costumes to 17 Oakwood Drive and leave them on the doorstep with your name on it.

Advanced Senior Specialty Classes

Last week of term we will be offering our advanced senior drama students a specialty class instead of regular lessons. We are currently confirming the details of this. But since many of you will not see each other again in a class setting, this will be a fun and collaborative way to end your year!

Trinity College Drama and Singing Exams & Extra lessons

Speech & Drama Exams:

Those who entered last term are all set to sit their Trinity College Speech & Drama exams this term.

There are extra exam sessions for those Junior, Upper Junior, Intermediate and Senior drama students (Not Advanced Seniors) who have entered for a Trinity Speech & Drama exam. You will have received an email with these times before the end of Term three.

First lesson is this coming Sunday – times as follows:

· 3-4pm – Isabella, Shilo, Georgina, Ashliegh, Elsie, Lola & Jordan

· 405.20pm- Skye, Azaria, Ben, Charlotte, Millie, Reenie-Rose, Isaac, & Tyler

· 5.20-6.20pm – Matilda, Rhys, Erin, Ella & Alex

Rock & Pop Singing Exams

Exam slips have been sent, your exams are set for Saturday 13th of November. All singing exam students must take private lessons, so no extra prep sessions required.

Musical Theatre Exams

These are set to be early December. Dale is looking forward to seeing your programs early in Term Four! Prep lessons are by arrangement with your tutors.

We will send out the exam times to you as soon as they come to hand. Please read the time carefully as it is written in 24hr clock. If there is a problem with the exam time/date you have been given, you must contact Dale immediately to organise any exam time switches.

Dance Exams and Extra lessons

NZAMD Tap Level or Medal Tests

Those entered will be sitting these on November 3rd

Exact times will be sent out to you in the first weeks of term.

Your exam prep lessons will be on the following Saturdays or Sundays, check for an email to you about these times.

Sundays 24th & 31st of October

Prep lessons are just for students entered in LEVELs. Medal tests routines do not require extra prep lessons.

DNZM Jazz, Hip Hop or Contemporary Levels & class Stage Star asssessments

These students will be sitting these on November 18th & 19th

Exact times will be sent out to you in the first weeks of term.

Your exam prep lessons will be on the following Saturdays or Sundays, check for an email to you about these times.

Saturdays 30th October and 6th November:

Carissa’s Classes

Sundays 31st October & 14th November

Caitlin & Rachael’s Classes

These times are only for students entered for LEVELS, all class groups will sit their Stage Star assessment as a class group, which does not require extra prep lessons.

Lesson Times!

Please check the portal here: https://app.thestudiodirector.com/hartleyschoolofperform/portal.sd?page=Login

We have lengthened Intermediate Tap class to be an hour long, and we have returned to regular times for this term having done the best we can to catch up some time last term. Plus some students have changed classes or times for private lessons.

So we recommend you check the portal for what you are enrolled in and when that class is so that you are all there for the correct times first week back!

Xmas Break-Up Recital

Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th December Venue and Date to be confirmed

Entry $4 for all non-students, HSPA students free.

There will be a Program of Performances including:

Pieces from drama students who received top marks in Trinity College

As well as some items from our singing and dance classes.

We will also have our Prize-Giving where Certificates of Excellence and Achievement will be awarded by all of the tutors as well as several generous Scholarships for 2022 classes!

Please note!! It is important that you attend to support and learn from the Top level performers on display as well as to be presented with any possible awards.

Performing Arts Summer School

We will be running another Performing Arts Summer Camp in the week before school goes back.

Juniors: 7-8 (6yrs by special allowance), Intermediates: 9-11yrs, Seniors: 10-13.

Mon 24th Jan – Thurs 27th Jan. 10.30am - 4pm daily.

Cost: $36 per day. $124 for all four days. Promo code 4DAYDEAL

This could make an excellent Christmas Present. Vouchers available on request once a booking is made.

We will let you know when this is available to book.

Rangiora Santa Parade & Kaiapoi Singing at the carnival

Saturday 4th December – Kaiapoi Carnival and Sunday 12th of December – Rangiora Parade.

We will be taking part in these events again this year. We will be selecting soloists to perform at the carnival and will produce a fun entry for you all to be part of for the Rangiora Toyota Santa Parade the following weekend. Please look out for information later in the term regarding volunteering and when you will need to be available on the day.

We will bring you details of these events as they arise.

Accounts from HSPA

We opt to send you full statements rather than an invoice of what is owing. Due to the nature of a system where you can purchase items online at any time, my admin would constantly be producing invoices with a multitude of due dates for all of the various clothing items, show videos, exam classes etc, that you are charged for. This would be very time consuming and the cost would be passed on to you guys, the clients. To prevent that cost, we opt to send statements at regular intervals so that you can still see your account balance even if you do not check your portal.

Please note – a statement will list all activity on your account, including charges that have been added and what payments you have made.

The important part is right at the bottom where it says what is still owing. We urge you to open the statement to check the amount. It may well be that you owe nothing and the statement shows receipt of your latest payments.

Let us know if you are not returning.

As per our Ts & Cs all enrolments roll over into the next term until the end of the year. This will happen for you into Term Four unless you inform us you are not returning.

What happens if you don’t tell us you are not returning?

· We retain your spot and will continue to charge you for the class until you notify us.

· If you do not notify us before the enrolments close for the term, you are liable for the entire term fees as we can no longer fill your space with anyone else from the waitlist.

We don’t like disappointing the kids on the waitlists and we know you don’t want to be paying for something you are not going to use. ☹

So please notify us if you are not returning.

You can still remain in the system to be notified about future terms for when you may wish to come back again.

Lost Property

The lost property box in the waiting room is chocca-block full.

If we remain in Level two next term, we will allow entry to the waiting room to check the lost property box.

Term Dates

Monday 18th Oct – Fri 10th Dec (8 Weeks, 7 for Mon & Fri classes)

· No classes on: Labour Day Mon 25th Oct. Show Day – Fri 12th Nov

· Wed 3rd Nov – NZAMD Levels & Medals

· Sun 7th Nov - Secret Garden Screening Event

· Sat 13th Nov - Trinity Rock & Pop Singing Exams

· Thurs 18th & Fri 19th Nov – DNZM Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary Levels & Stage Star Assessments

· Early Dec - Trinity Drama & Musical Theatre Exams

· Sunday 12th December - Santa Parade

· 13 -17 Dec Presentation classes for all students

· Mon 24th Jan – Thurs 27th Jan – Performing Arts Summer Camp!

That’s all for now.

Look out for more information in class regarding the Break Up dates and our float in the Santa Parade etc.

Enjoy your last term for 2021.

Once again, it has been a challenging year, but it has made us achieve things we never thought we would!,

Let’s have some fun together this final term!.

See you all in class.

Dale and the team at HSPA.

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