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Welcome to Term Two everybody!

Special welcome to our new students for Term Two.  Check out the Handbook at the botoom here if you have any questions about the day to day of HSPA.

Term Dates

Term Two is 10 weeks from Monday 29th April– Friday 5th of July.

·         Mon 3rd of June - Queen’s Birthday. No classes this day. (Rehearsals for Aladdin & the Arabian Nights)

·         Fri 21st & Sat 22nd June – Auditions for Junior Production.

·         Sat 6th – Mon 8th July – Christchurch Speech & Drama Competitions

·         Wed 10th – Sat 13th July – Aladdin & the Arabian Nights Performances



To the champions at the Annual Theatresports Play Off on Wednesday 10th of April.  Our Senior Trophy was won by ‘Four Red Fedoras’ consisting of Annabelle Cowey, Felix Horwarth, Jared Jones & Braydn Siegenthaler,  The  NCMS Intermediate Trophy was awarded to ‘LO Power AA Batteries’ made up of Alex Dooling, Alex Ellerm, Lily Myles & Olivia Williams.  Our HSPA ‘Player of the Night’ Trophy went to Jared Jones for his excellent character work.

We enjoyed some excellent routines from the Hip Hop and Contemporary classes and some stellar singing from Lachie, Francheska and the Intermediate & Senior Glee groups

Plus, once again thanks go to Ciarán Searle, who returned once more to MC the evening.  He is an institution for sure!

Intermediate & Senior Production

Aladdin & the Arabian Nights (AATAN)

On at the Rangiora Town Hall from Wednesday 10th July – Saturday 13th of July

Please note: All of our Intermediate & Senior classes are involved in this production as part of their class!

Term Two is an exciting term!  Show time!

Read through for the Auditioned Cast is Saturday 27th April at time of 4-6pm at the rooms.

All Auditioned Cast should be present to hear about their part and how it fits into the show as well as collect their script, rehearsal schedule and music.  Any member of our school is welcome to come along and hear the show being read for the first time and hear Paul, our writer/director, tell you all about his exciting concepts for the show.

Please see attached Cast List for casting of leads and extra roles outside of class involvement. Plus the Auditioned Cast rehearsal schedule.

There is also a document called ATAAN Class Rehearsal schedule - this is for everyone else who is in the show, but did not audition for extra parts!!

And a notice fort your costume calls and first rehearsal int he theatre times

Auditions for Junior Production - The Happy Prince

These will be held later this term –

Friday 21st & Saturday the 22nd of June.

There will be plenty of Acting, Singing and Dancing parts for our Junior & Upper Junior students and a less intensive rehearsal schedule so please look out for a notice about this later in the term. You will all be working on something in class this term that will be useful for your audition. Be it drama, singing or dance classes.


Performing Arts Winter Camp

Monday 15th July –Thursday 18th July 10.30am-4pm

We are offering the following event again this year as part of the Kidsfest program!

Four days of classes combining acting, singing & dance for ages 8-13yrs.
Each day consists of three sessions including one each of dance, singing and acting with a lunch break and snack break. Students will get the chance to work with different tutors covering a range of topics like improvised theatre, musical theatre dance and pop singing to name a few. The classes will cover different things each day, so students may opt to attend one day or several. Students will not be expected to have previous experience, tutors will happily work with those who have never performed before as well as extend those with previous experience by grouping students accordingly.
Sessions run Monday-Thursday with a discount price for attending all four days.
Costs are $36 per day 10.30am-4pm (including a lunch break) with a discounted price of $110 for all four days! 

Daily program will be available later in the term to coincide with the launch of Kidsfest. 

This will be available to book on our portal at the beginning of June and current students will get preferential bookings so look out for the alert on this

It will sell out!


Drama, Singing and Dance Exams

Due to the timing of our productions we will not be offering exams in the Term Two or Three timeslots except for private students by arrangement.  Students interested can opt to sit Trinity College Speech & Drama or Pop & Rock Singing exams as well as Dance NZ Made Dance Levels and HSPA Tap Medal Tests in Term Four.  You will receive info in the next school holidays regarding entry for these.  

Entry for exams requires students to attend special exam classes for a small fee on top of regular class fees.

Classes will be preparing pieces for use in exams around their work on Production performance pieces.  This will be occurring across Term Two and Three so continued attendance is necessary for those wishing to sit these exams in Term Four.


Christchurch. Speech & Drama Competitions – 6-8 July

These are optional for drama students from the Junior right up to our Advanced Seniors. This is a friendly environment to compete against others of your age and ability, and a great way to practise your performance skills, present your exam pieces and see others doing the same.   Your tutors will be helping you select pieces and enter categories in the first week of term.  These are not compulsory, but they are excellent experience.

  • To enter you need reply to the special email being sent to all drama students.
  • We cannot enter you without this emailed consent to be charged!.
  • Intermediate & Senior Students you can still enter for these whilst working on the    show but you must be able to work on them in your own time.

Free Classes Weeks 1 & 2

Some of our classes need a few more students in them for Term Two and some of them are simply new timeslots that you may not be aware of.  So we are promoting them with free entry!  Come to as many as you like.  Even if it is just for fun or just so you can tell someone else about what it was like.

·         Monday – Junior Drama 3.30-4.30pm Age 6-9yrs

·         Monday – Upper Junior Drama Age9-11yrs

·         Monday - Senior Jazz. 6-7pm Age 12yrs and up.

·         Wednesday – Intermediate Drama. 5.30-6.30pm Age 11-13yrs

·         Thursday – New Entrant Drama 3.45-4.30pm Age 4-6yrs

·         Thursday - Junior Drama 4.30-5.30pm Age 6-9yrs

·         Friday – Junior Drama 3.30-4.30pm Age 6-9yrs

If you’re already enrolled in one of these classes, bring a friend along at no cost– see you and your friends there!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels –– Rangiora Town Hall

This production, staged by North Canterbury Musicals, involves members of both our staff and our students.  Our Glee tutors Leanne O’Mahony &  Rachel Long are in the production team and dance tutors Caitlin and Carissa are in the company along with senior student JC Wang and past HSPA tutor, Briar Patrick.

Their season runs Thursday 2nd May- Saturday 18th May. 

Check out the link on www.ncms.co.nz for details so you can head along to support local theatre.

Plus – put this in your diary:

Musical Theatre Taster Day & Dress Rehearsal Viewing!!!

Tuesday 30th April 5.30 onwards.

Rangiora Town Hall

HSPA students from Intermediate ages up are invited on a tour of the theatre (Handy if you have not been backstage before!) and a talk about various aspects of theatre production.  Then there will be a dinner break (You must provide your own food) followed by an invitation to remain in the auditorium to view some of the Dress rehearsal of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!


HSPA Online Store.

HSPA Hoodies & T shirts are always available in the Online Store on your portal.  As are dancewear items that will be necessary for production costumes!

PLUS: Look out for the limited-edition Aladdin & the Arabian Nights show tops on your portal later this term.

You’ll find the link to make any purchases at the bottom left of your home screen.

What are we doing in Term Two?

All Intermediate & Senior students are working towards Aladdin & the Arabian Nights

·         Advanced Seniors Drama students carry on with your regular lesson where you are building your skills and working on pieces for exams and/or comps. as well as attending a Senior Show class.

·         Intermediate & Senior Drama will be working on show items in class as well being given guidance for pieces to use in competitions if needed.

·         Dance classes will work on a show routine

·         Glee singing will work on show items

·         Private singing will be working on personal skills building within the context of a show item with the other private singers.


All Junior & Upper Junior students get the opportunity to audition for Junior Production.

  • Junior Drama students are focussing on their Speech skills this term, working on individual pieces to improve voice production, effective speaking and all classes cover syllabus for Trinity exams if they should choose to enter.  Plus, pieces can be used for auditions and competitions at the end of the term.
  • Junior dance classes continue to cover syllabus material in preparation for exams as well as polish an item to use in audition and for parents to watch at the end of the term if they did not get to perform last term.
  • Junior Glee & Private singing students work on a performance for family and friends at the end of the term as well as pieces for use in auditions if they should choose to.  A continuation of skills building.


Welcome back to Tegan Patrick!

Some of you may remember Tegan who was on staff up until 2017.  She has found time in her busy schedule to be able to come and teach our Tuesday Drama classes in Term Two!  Whoop whoop!  Tegan comes to us with a wealth of performing arts experience both in the classroom and as a director. Tegan has been involved with the school since she was a child, we are so excited to have her back on staff 😊


Enrolments for Term Two

If you are already enrolled in Term One and have said nothing to the contrary, you will automatically be enrolled into the same classes again for term two.  As our Ts & Cs explain, you will be charged accordingly if we do not have notification that you no longer want your space by the end of the holidays.

·         Do you wish to join another class? - Please jump into your portal to enrol for any extra classes.

·         Do you wish to stop your classes? Please let us know by replying to this email before term starts.

·         Are you not sure?  Why not take advantage of the free classes listed in this newsletter, especially if you have friends and family who wish to try a class with you before they join.  Plus! Remember that if you take up a second or third class, you get a great discount!


We look forward to seeing you in class this term everyone!

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